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AGAPE Family Therapy & Coaching is proud to introduce its new scholarship program, aimed at providing access to essential therapeutic and coaching services for individuals, families, and aspiring leaders who may face financial barriers. Through this initiative, members of the public have the opportunity to contribute funds that directly support those in need.


With a donation of $150, individuals can receive a valuable one-on-one therapy session, offering personalized support and guidance. For families seeking assistance, a donation of $200 can provide them with a beneficial family therapy session, promoting healthy communication and relationship dynamics. Those seeking life and leadership coaching can benefit from a donation of $225, which grants them access to a transformative coaching session, empowering them to achieve their personal and professional goals.


Recognizing that long-term engagement is often vital for sustainable growth, the program also offers packages for multiple sessions. A donation of $750 allows an individual to access five therapy sessions, fostering ongoing healing and personal development. For families, a contribution of $1000 provides five family sessions, promoting resilience and unity. Similarly, a donation of $1125 enables individuals to receive five life/leadership coaching sessions, fostering growth and unlocking their full potential.


For those in need of extended support, a generous donation of $1500 offers ten therapy sessions, ensuring a comprehensive healing journey. Families can benefit from ten family sessions by contributing $2000, promoting long-term harmony and growth. Meanwhile, a donation of $2250 provides individuals with ten life/leadership coaching sessions, empowering them to excel in their personal and professional endeavors.


By participating in this scholarship program, donors have the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals, families, and aspiring leaders. Through their generosity, they can help break down financial barriers, ensuring that everyone has access to the transformative services offered by AGAPE Family Therapy & Coaching. Together, we can create a community where healing, growth, and personal development are accessible to all.

To get in touch to set up a donation, please send us an email!

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