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agencies we are currently partnered with:

AGAPE provides an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that is geared toward your unique organization’s needs. Using a diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging perspective, AGAPE will support your employees and leadership teams, build awareness, provide guidance and empowerment, create work life balance, seek transformation and accountability. Here are some examples of services we offer on the organizational level:

leadership coaching

AGAPE provides a tailored approach to coach from a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging lens to help executive leadership achieve goal(s) and become equity-driven leaders. During coaching sessions, we seek to explore dynamics of power, oppression, race, diversity, positionality, accountability, transparency and vulnerability in supervisor/supervisee relationships including but not limited to trauma that is induced by power dynamics. Additionally, coaching takes place twice a month and 90 day plans are created to improve equity outcomes within the organization.

emerging leadership coaching

AGAPE provides a tailored approach to coach from a DEIB lens to elevate emerging leaders within organizations to achieve goal(s) and attain a leadership position utilizing their current sphere of influence. Additionally, coaching takes place twice a month and 90 day plans are  created to improve diversity and inclusion within the organization.


Groups create a space for interpersonal communal healing that honors each individual's perspective, positionality, history, motivations and connections. It is a place and opportunity to explore life’s challenges, power, privilege, oppression and intersectionality. Groups can be held one time or up to twelve sessions. They can be didactic, experiential or


Together, we will define learning objectives for your organization and develop a structured plan for sessions where we will workshop new concepts and strategies. Our overall objectives for training are to increase mental health wellness and promote balance in the workplace. Topics covered are Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging in organizational practice,  supervisory practice, anti-oppressive relationships, and trauma-informed workplace wellness and balance practices

conflict resolution/mediation

AGAPE provides interventions between colleagues and supervisee/supervisor relationships in order to provide tools to solve issues related to workplace outcomes, balance and joy. This is conducted with individual sessions with all parties involved and then a group session to develop a working plan of change.

individual therapy

Individual therapy provides an opportunity to experience self-liberation through self-awareness, and an understanding about your thinking, emotions, behaviors, and motivations. You can get to the root of your distress by working with a therapist that values you as the expert of your lived experiences. Our therapists create a supportive environment that fosters transformation, restorative healing, and tools for navigating relationships and gaining insight through modeling healthy boundaries. Additionally, you are offered up to 3 sessions but this can be negotiated based on need.

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